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関ジャニ∞ 好ッきやねん!

~ Community for 関ジャニ∞'s Calendar ~

関ジャニ∞ 好ッきやねん!
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Hello, this is debbie_chan, the owner of meccha_omoroi, a community for NEWS & Kanjani8's Episode books♪ As you can see, I have made another community. (.^o^.) But this time, I have partnered up with two wonderful friends: Yao (noesunexito) and Bibi (bibi_teko)♥

Together, we bring to you a non-profit community strictly for the scans and translations of Kanjani8's calendar. Basically, we will be be posting a scan, with the translation photoshopped on it, on a weekly basis. Afterall, it is a weekly calendar.

~★~Our Lovely Staff~★~

debbie_chan, aka "The Japanese-American girl who's object of adoration is Ryo-chan♥ (← She is EXTREMELY protective of him.)"
noesunexito, aka "The K8 nazi who will slash your tires if you don't like K8."
bibi_teko, aka "The crazy Bibi who loves Ryo-chan very much and always blames him for making her weak ((LOL!!!))."


1. Please do no steal these translations and scans. You are welcomed to link back to this community. If you would like to distribute them somewhere, we will give permission on a case-by-case basis. If a problem occurs, we may Member's-lock all the scans. Please don't ruin it for everyone; there are probably people who don't have LJs who would like to continue seeing these scans. (.^o^.)
2. Do not diss Kanjani8. We would find it odd if someone came to this community just to diss the group we are supporting and clearly love, but we have heard that it has happened on rare occasions. If this happens, we will act accordingly. Laughing and joking around is of course fine. (.^o^.) Let's keep a happy and fun environment♪
3. Please remember to comment. We would really appreciate it. (.^_^.) Seeing comments from our readers makes us happy and brings us much motivation. If you do not have an LJ, feel free to use the Anonymous commenting. (.^o^.)

~★~Most Importantly~★~

Although we are scanning and translating these lovely Kanjani8 goodies for you, we insist that you buy the calendar if at all possible. LET'S CONTINUE SUPPORTING Kanjani8♥


Feel free to use one, or both♥


NEWS & 関ジャニ∞ Episode Book Community Kansha ni Eight Community

Thank you essie07 for our previous header♪

Credits for currrent layout: osakaromanesque (Header) & onebigshrug (Codes). THANK YOU♥