[Week 45] - [End]

Here are the last bunch for the Kanjani∞ 2007-2008 calendar. Enjoy~

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By the way, I was wondering what I should do about the Kanjani∞ 2008-2009 calendar... There isn't much to translate. (.T____T.) I will translate the Kanjani∞ School song and rules. Also, I guess I'll go through the past entries and make better, more specific tags. (.^___^.)

If there are members here who would like the scans of the calendar and scans of the planner fills, I can hire some new people to post those here in this community. I need to figure out if there is a demand for those, so please vote in the following poll.

This poll is closed.

I have the Kanjani∞ 2008-2009 Calendar


Please continue posting scans for the calendar.


Are any of you willing to be one of the scanners? If so, it would really help. Please e-mail me through LJ.
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Sorry for the longest delay!!  I'm trying to graduate from college this coming spring, so I've been putting all my concentration into my studies. Yay for winter break

Anywho, here are the scanlations for the past 8 weeks. (.^___^.) 

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Have a safe holiday everyone!! I will be back to post the scans for next week. I don't think there is any translations to do on the one for Christmas.

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Oh my Eito!! It's already September. Sorry for the delay, but my friends say, "Better later than never. (.^__^.)" 

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Have a great weekend~